Reformscape submission guide

Reformscape is a living tool, created to support the implementation of responsible research assessment practices. We encourage submissions of publicly available documents related to research reform, including updates from institutions already in the dataset.

For a short introduction to Reformscape, check out our introductory brief and video. You can also read the inclusion criteria for Reformscape, and the methodology behind Reformscape.

How do I submit new material to Reformscape?

To submit new material to Reformscape, fill out the “Suggest a Resource” form. You can also access this form by clicking the “Suggest a Resource” button on the right-hand side of the search results page.

What can be submitted to Reformscape?

Types of institutions 

Reformscape only includes data from research-performing institutions, such as:

  • Universities
  • National labs
  • Museums

Reformscape does not include data from: 

  • Funding agencies
  • Academic publishers
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support research assessment
  • Government agencies responsible for policies

Policy scope

Reformscape entries concern documents and policies that relate to research assessment and academic assessment of academic faculty (full, associate, assistant, adjunct professors) at single institutions or divisions within an institution (e.g., departments, colleges, schools).

Reformscape does not include documents and policies that cover entire political jurisdictions. (e.g., states, provinces, nations, or international agreements). 

Categorizing your submission

Source material for Reformscape has been expertly categorized to showcase a range of reform efforts, and so that you can easily navigate the tool and find information relevant to you. 

If you are unsure about any classification categories, visit the Reformscape glossary.

What languages can documents be written in?

To ensure clear and accurate understanding of submitted materials, we currently only accept documents in English. This is because, at the moment, the team responsible for reviewing and categorizing documents are all fluent in English.

Many institutions post documents in multiple languages. If your institution’s documents are available in English, we encourage you to submit the English version to Reformscape.

We welcome submissions in other languages, but these will be held for future consideration until the Reformscape team develops processes for handling non-English entries.

Submissions of particular interest

Some submissions are especially valuable for expanding the Reformscape dataset and making it more useful.

We encourage submissions which show:

Global reach

The Reformscape dataset has a large number of entries from institutions in the global north, particularly European countries. We are actively seeking entries from other locations, such as Asia, South America, Africa, and Oceania. 

Documented change

The Reformscape dataset includes many institutions that are early on in their process of transforming research assessment. While many institutions have signed DORA, some signatories have not yet posted any plans for implementation

We greatly appreciate any documents that showcase the implementation of research assessment reforms. This includes documents detailing plans, new policies, and updates from institutions that have signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). 

Submissions from institutions that have not signed DORA are also welcome. Our focus is on the quality of the policy and its practical applications.

Examples include:

  • Accounts of reform implementation
  • Lessons learnt
  • Commentaries around specific reform efforts

What if it isn’t right for Reformscape?

If your suggested resource does not meet the criteria for Reformscape, you may consider submitting it to one of the repositories below: 

  • The DORA Resource Library contains a wide array of resources related to research assessment. DORA staff are involved in both projects, so if your suggestion does not fit within the scope of Reformscape, they may ask if it can be included in the Resource Library.
  • The AGORRA project from the Research on Research Institute (RoRI) is compiling national and international documents on research assessment. If your suggestion does not fit within the scope of Reformscape, DORA staff may ask if it can be forwarded to the RoRI team.

When can I see my suggestion in Reformscape?

When you submit a suggested resource for Reformscape, it will not appear in the dataset immediately. It will probably appear at the start of the next month.

When you submit the “Suggest a resource” form, you will receive a confirmation email that the form has been submitted, and the information is emailed to the Reformscape team. Each entry is reviewed and categorized before it is added to the Reformscape dataset online. The review time depends on the volume of suggestions and the complexity of reviewing the document. 

New additions to the Reformscape database are announced on DORA’s social media feeds.

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