DORA is committed to supporting the development of new policies and practices for responsible research assessment. This tool compiles searchable criteria, hiring standards, review, promotion, and tenure from academic institutions.

The DORA Reformscape tool: Discover what’s possible

The old ways of assessing the quality of research and progressing the careers of researchers are no longer fit for purpose. These dated approaches are neither fair nor responsible and often leave talented people overlooked, holding back progress in diversity, equity and inclusion. Institutions are increasingly expected to move with the times and update their assessment practices, but making meaningful change isn’t easy. 

Luckily, many have gone before you. Institutions around the world have been busy figuring out how to overcome the challenges of reforming academic career assessment, and we are here to help you learn from their experiences.

DORA Reformscape is an online tool where you can explore examples of how to bring responsible assessment for hiring, promotion and tenure into your institution, and to share your approach with others.

It’s populated with policies, action plans and other documents such as principles from over a hundred institutions, from all over the world, together with expertly curated insights. Ready to change your assessment practices and looking for practical next steps? Start with Reformscape and discover what’s possible. 

What can Reformscape be used for?

Reformscape is for anyone in the academic community looking for ideas and inspiration around how to implement responsible academic career assessment. It can be used no matter what stage of reform you’re at – whether you’re just beginning your journey or already have a path planned out, you’ll discover something new. 

You can use Reformscape to:

  • Source inspiration and detailed examples of what others are doing to learn what might work for your institution.
  • Benchmark what you’re doing within the wider landscape.  
  • Save time searching for good practice approaches to fairer hiring, promotion and tenure, and evaluating certain faculty roles.  
  • Celebrate progress and demonstrate you’re acting on signing DORA. 

Nowhere else has this diversity of institutions been represented in one place and within a global context. Search, filter and explore visualized trends about how over a hundred institutions have changed their assessment processes for hiring, promotion and tenure. 

Reformscape is much more than a data repository. Read expertly curated insights and commentary by the DORA team drawn straight from the data. 

A tool for the community, made with the community

Reformscape was co-created with members of the academic community and it will continue to grow alongside you as a valuable resource. Developed as part of DORA’s Project TARA, you can read how we worked with the academic community to gather ideas for who the tool is aimed at and what it can do and how to categorize source data.  

Read our FAQs and methodology to learn what data sits behind Reformscape and how it’s collected and analyzed. 

Help us spread the word about #Reformscape by sharing the hashtag with friends and colleagues.  That way, it will be seen and used by people who will find it useful. 

You can also find more examples of institutions implementing change in our case studies and resource library

To find out more about Reformscape, read our press release, blog series or get in touch with us at   

Reformscape was developed as part of our Project TARA which is supported by Arcadia – a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

Arcadia is a charitable foundation that works to protect nature, preserve cultural heritage and promote open access to knowledge.

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