What can open research values bring to research assessment reform?

10 years since the launch of F1000 and the founding of DORA, we invite you to join our upcoming webinar and consider the future of responsible research assessment.

The vision articulated by many in the future research assessment environment has much in common with the underlying principles of open research. This webinar will consider the requirements of research assessment today and discuss the opportunities presented by open research publishing to help support greater inclusivity and responsible research assessment.

Our speakers will ask and consider:
• How do we assess research impact today – what has changed since the DORA declaration?
• What can open research practices contribute to future research assessment systems?
• What can publishers do to support responsible research assessment?
• What are the great examples of innovation that we can draw upon to help shape research assessment systems?

F1000 and Taylor and Francis are signatories to DORA, and welcome submissions to the new Innovations in Research Assessment Collection on F1000Research: https://f1000research.com/collections/innovations-in-research-assessment/about-this-collection.

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