Repensando la evaluación académica en el marco de la ciencia abierta

This session, organized from Venezuela, will feature a critical reflection panel on national academic evaluation policies, within the framework of the guiding principles of open science and the Dora declaration, for the collective construction of guidelines in favor of academic evaluation. fair and responsible.
In the panel, central elements and problems related to the theme will be raised.
The morning session will have the participation of Caroly Higuera, Unesco focal point for Open Science in Venezuela, who will present the main data and information available in Venezuela in terms of Open Science; Liccia Romero, who will address the issue of Open Science as a common good; Mariangela Petrizzo, who will address the specific issue of scientific evaluation from a gender perspective; Ximena Gonzalez Broquen, who will problematize the impact of the hegemonic system of scientific evaluation in the countries of the Global South, and Eisamar Ochoa and Annel Mejías, who will present the Declaration ” In favor of a fair and responsible academic evaluation”, carried out within the framework of the DORA project “Academic Evaluation Policies Applied in the CLACSO Centers Network in Venezuela”

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