China’s Science and Technology Evaluation Reform: DORA & Breaking the Siwei

This session is in Chinese.

Since 2018, China has issued a series of S&T evaluation reform documents, which is known as “breaking Siwei”. The purpose is to correct the problem of excessive quantitative evaluation orientation, which is consistent with DORA’s reform philosophy. As one of the tenth anniversary commemorative activities of DORA, the STME Special Committee of the CASSSP organized this seminar, which invites scientists, scholars and practitioners of S&T evaluation from advantageous universities and research institutions to jointly discuss new methods, good practices and cases after the new round of S&T evaluation reform in China, especially talents evaluation. This seminar is expected to let Chinese scholars learn more about DORA, as well as provide Chinese wisdom for DORA’s ongoing global research on S&T talent evaluation. The main reporters and attendees include:

  • Li Xiaoxuan, Director of the STME Special Committee of CASSSP, and Executive Committee of DORA;
  • Zhou Hui, Vice President of Shenzhen University
  • Liu Yun, Vice President and Professor of School of Public Administration, UCAS
  • Wu Jian, Secretary of AMSS, CAS
  • Meng Wei, Dean and Professor of the School of Public Management at East China Normal University
  • Gong Xu, Researcher at the NSFC
  • Zhang Bin, researcher of the Strategic Assessment Consulting Center of Academy of Military Sciences
  • Yang Jian’an, Researcher at the Research and Development Center of the MOE
  • Tian Delu, Researcher at NCSTE, MOST
  • Dai Qing, researcher of the NCNT, CAS

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