Screenshot from DORA website that reads, "25,000 individuals and organizations in 167 countries have signed DORA to date."

DORA reaches 25,000 signatures

DORA has hit a new milestone by reaching the 25,000 signature mark. 

Each of those thousands of signatures represents an individual or organization that supports the principles of the original San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, drafted in 2013. Most signatures are from individuals, with QQ percent from various organizations, including universities, departments and libraries within universities, academic publishers, funding agencies, and more.

Signing the Declaration was the first way that DORA engaged with the research community. 

“DORA’s signers provided evidence the academic community wanted researcher assessment to change,” said Anna Hatch, DORA’s original Program Director. “The number of signers was one motivator to expand our vision for the declaration. As a result, DORA transformed into an active initiative that supports the development of responsible researcher assessment by creating opportunities for its community to learn from each other and work together.”

While DORA has since become a much larger initiative that provides tools and resources to support improved methods of research assessment, the list of signatories remains an important part of the organization.

Ginny Barbour and Kelly Kobey, DORA’s current Co-chairs said, “The number and diversity of signers from across the world – and that they continue to increase – demonstrates how much reform of research assessment resonates globally. The initial Declaration was a concrete call for change that is now being implemented through DORA’s many resources and activities. The 25,000 landmark of signers demonstrates the continuing important role that DORA has as a rallying point for both organizations and individuals.”

The declaration can be signed by filling out an online form for support on the DORA website.

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