TARA Dashboard

DORA is committed to supporting the development of new policies and practices for responsible research assessment (RRA). The dashboard is a searchable collection of criteria and standards for hiring, review, promotion, and tenure from academic institutions. On this page, you will find graphs that visualize trends in the data.

Types of RRA source material included
Types of RRA outputs assessed
Career stages impacted by RRA
Institutional level of RRA activity
Disciplines impacted by RRA policies and practices

Please note that “time” indicates when pieces of source material were publicized or formally captured. Additionally, 16.6% of the material in our dataset did not readily appear to have a date associated with them at the time that they were identified and included in the dataset. Because of this, the graphs displayed on this page that use “time” as a dimension do not include material that does not have a date associated with it.

65 announcements
Commitments toward responsible research assessment reform.
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