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#sfDORA community interview: recognizing data in research assessment

DORA community interviews provide an opportunity for supporters to discuss innovation in research assessment and to better understand how to initiate effective change in local communities. This time we are talking with the executive director of the Belmont Forum, Dr. Erica Key about recognizing data in research assessment. Please join our discussion at 11:00AM EDT on Wednesday, Aug. 28.

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Redefining Impact in the Humanities and Social Sciences

On Wednesday April 3, 2019, we hosted a #sfDORA community interview with Janet Halliwell to learn more about the 2017 report from the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Canada, Approaches to Assessing Impacts in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We also wanted to hear about a new project she is working on to improve assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) by creating a standardized vocabulary of terms related to research assessment.

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