Introducing a Roadmap for DORA

On behalf of the steering committee, I am pleased to announce a roadmap outlining DORA’s strategic plan to accelerate global research assessment reform over the next two years. The roadmap recognizes that signing the declaration is only a first step to creating meaningful cultural change in the scholarly community. Real change requires action at institutional, funder, national and international levels.

DORA Roadmap: A two-year strategic plan for advancing global research assessment reform at the institutional, national, and funder level

Signing the 2013 San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) is an important way for individuals and organizations to publicly acknowledge their commitment to improve research by strengthening research assessment. But it is only a first step. The next and more challenging steps require changes in academic culture to ensure that hiring, promotion, and funding decisions focus on the qualities of research that are most desirable – insight, impact, reliability and re-usability – rather than on questionable proxies.

DORA Announces Badges for Signatories!

We are pleased to release new badges for individuals and organizations that have signed the declaration. The badges show support for DORA, raise awareness about research assessment, and serve as a conversation starter with individuals or organizations that have not heard about DORA yet.

DORA Celebrates Five Years!

To celebrate a successful five years, we are kicking-off a live-interview series to hear firsthand from individuals who are improving research assessment in their communities.

Welcome to DORA’s new website

Welcome to the new DORA website! Please do not be alarmed. The fundamentals have not changed – the declaration remains the same – but thanks to support from a broad range of organizations, we have ambitious plans in place for the future.